Year 6

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The Class Assemblies for Year 6 are on the following dates:

Base 10  Tuesday 16th January 2018

Base 11  Tuesday 30th January 2018

Base 12  Tuesday 27th February 2018

SUMMER 2 2018

The children in Year 6 have worked really hard as they coped with the challenge of doing their SATs tests; they enjoyed coming into school early for toast and then they settled down really sensibly to give the tests their best effort.  The children will receive the results of these tests in their school reports.  Their last half term will be busy, but enjoyable as the leavers' celebrations have been organised along with transition units of learning which will be continued through to their senior schools.

Congratulations to all the children who participated in sports day, we had lots of medal winners and even the sunshine made an appearance!  It was lovely to see families having picnics together over the lunch hour.

SUMMER 1 2018

Currently in year six, we have been learning about the air raid shleters in World War II.  One task that we had to complete in this topic was writing formal instructions for a World War II information leaflet.  During our maths lessons, all the classes have been mixed up to help with gaps in our learning and improve our understanding of problem solving. 

SPRING 2 2018

The children in Year 6 have been working hard this half term in preperation for their SATs tests starting the week of 14th May.  They will have mock SATs during the week commencing 12th March which will run exactly like the real thing so that the children will get a feel for what it will be like and the staff can make sure that all the appropriate provision is in place in order for them to feel supported and confident.  We have invited the children into school from 08:30 so that they can have some toast and sit and chat with their friends prior to doing the tests to help relax them.    We would like to wish all the children good luck!

SPRING 1 2018

Following a visit to 'The Living Rainforest' near Newbury, the children in Year 6 learned about life in the jungle and the influence that the rainforests of the world play on our environment.  They have produced some fantastic paintings of rainforest creatures which are now on display in the school and they have also embarked upon some writing tasks linked to this topic. 

AUTUMN 2 2017

The children in Year 6 have enjoyed learning about Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology over the course of the term.  In maths, learning how to calculate fractions and percentages has been quite hard for the children, but they have risen to the challenge and are becoming more confident.  The end of term was marked with the children learning about the significance of the Christingle and they were able to make their own.  Everyone enjoyed the carol service and some children were able to light their Christingle in the service.

Year 6 Autumn 2 curriculum

AUTUMN 1 2017

The children in Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the year.  Those that were at Osmington Bay were absolutely brilliant and experienced some really challenging activities.  They experienced climbing, abseiling, archery, dragon boat racing and many more exciting things.  The children that stayed at school all made an excellent start to Year 6 and put loads of effort into their learning right from the word go.

We have started the term learning literacy and art around the theme of 'The BFG', which they began in transition week, and will then be moving on to 'Superheroes' for the last three weeks of term.  We are all looking forward to a challenging but exciting year ahead.

The children in Year 6 have been learning how to do figure drawing by creating their own superheroes/heroines and linking this to their English lessons by writing non-chronologica reprots abou them.

In maths, they have been learning to solve problems involving measurement and extending their place value knowledge.

The children have enjoyed learning football skills and participating in gymnastics for P.E.