Year 5

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The Class Assemblies for Year 5 will be held on the following dates:

Base 7  Tuesday 12th June 2018

Base 8  Tuesday 26th June 2018

Base 9  Tuesday 10th July 2018

SUMMER 1 2018

The children have returned for the last term of Year 5 with great enthusiasm and determination.  At the start of the term, the children became immersed in the story of The Iron Man, written by Ted Hughes.  They got to discover a mystery box of items, place themselves in the book and retell the story of the tense, heroic battle between the Iron Man and a beast of their own invention.  The children showed both creative flair and an in-depth understanding of the plot.  In maths this term, the children have applied their knowledge of the four opertations to solve multi-step word problems.  To do this, the children had to find key language and understand what it required them to do.  The children are now enjoying our unit of geometry.  They have identified and measured a range of angles including angles creasted on our tables using making tape!  The children really got to grips with the mechanics of cycling during Bikeability, showing enthusiasm in all weathers!  The public commented on the children's good behaviour and listening skills on the roads of Elson.  It was wonderful to see the children's confidence and skill level improve dramatically over the week.  We hope to see more children cycling to school as part of their healthy lifestyle.


Year 5 have really enjoyed Bikeability week, in sunshine and rain.  Firstly, the children secured their skills of manoeuvring, braking and signalling and then they headed out for real road experience.  They all showed a fantastic learning attitude, well done Year 5!

Year 5 Bikeability 1   Year 5 Bikeability 2


SPRING 2 2018

The highlight of this half term has certainly been our visit to the Winchester Science Centre.  We all had an amazing day experimenting with all of the hands-on science activities and learning what it would be like to live on the International Space Station.  We also found out about the solar system through watching a live planetarium show.  It was wonderful to see all the children so engaged with science.

The children enjoyed taking part in Arts Week, taking the time ot be creative with a range of projects.  We enjoyed a visit to St Vincent's College where we were able to take photographs using a pinhole camera and use their specialist equipment  to devleop them.  We spent a morning cooking a three-course feast for an outgoing astronaut - not only did we enjoy eating the soup, risotto and fruit salad that we had created, but we also broadened our skills by learning how to slice , chop, peel, fry and bake.   We also studied the art work of an artist called Peter Thorpe.  We copied his abstract paintings of space scenes using collage and chalk.  

As we approach Easter, we are now focussing on our Space Fair which will be held on Monday 26th March.  We have seen some amazing projects being completed and others which are being excitedly talked about.

SPRING 1 2018

Year 5 have been immersing ourselves in our topic about space and space pioneers.  We have been finding out about the solar system and how the rotation and orbit of the planets affects seasons, day and night and our calendar.  It has been interesting to get to grips with some big concepts, including the distances between the planets and the time it would take to get to them all.  We are looking forward to continuing our studies after half term, when we will be investigating meteors and craters and learning about life on the International Space Station with our visit to the Winchester Science Centre.  We will also be creating some space-themed art projects during Arts Week.  The culmination of our topic will be our Space Fair which will be happening on the afternoon of 26th March.

In literacy, we have been studying a wordless novel called Flotsam by David Weisner.  Through a series of stunning illustrations, the story tracts the journey of an old-fashioned camera as it is carried around the word in the ocean.  As it is found, a new photograph is taken before it is thrown back into the water.  We enjoyed following the main character as he discovered the mysterious photographs on the film.  We have been working hard to retell some of the story in words.  After the half term break we will be beginning to study some information texts about inspirational people, especially women who have been pioneers in their field.

AUTUMN 2 2017

As the autumn term draws to a close and our thoughts begin to turn to presents, Christmas trees and turkey, Year 5 are in the final throws of some amazing learning.  We have spent the majoirty of this half term engrossed in a story called 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by the author Philip Pullman.  We enjoyed charting the journey of Lila and her father, Lalchand, in the pursuit of her dream of becoming a Master Pyrotechnic.  We finished the unit by writing a newspaper article about the King's Annual Firework Display with some amazing results.

We have now moved onto an old poem called 'The Highwayman' which was written by Alfred Noyes in the 1900s.  This gruesome tale tells of a triangle of love, deceipt and revenge and relates to a mean Highwayman, his love interest and a jealous stable boy.  We have re-written the poem from the point of view of the Ostler and have focused on using some amazingly gruesome language.

Thank you for all the effort you have put into this term's homework projects.  Our classrooms have been adorned with a host of Chinese lanterns, visual displays and models of terracotta warriors.  We hope that you have enjoyed doing these projects and look forward to sharing our new homework topics about Space with you in the New Year.

Autumn 2 curriculum poster to parents


AUTUMN 1 2017

We are all so pleased with how well the children have settled into their new classes and it's great to already see new friendships forming.  We have started the year with the magical topic of 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' which the children are really enjoying.  In Literacy, they have been making use of their interesting and adventurous vocabulary to start describing settings and to bring images of them to life.  As the half term goes on, we will delve deeper into the magical setting of Narnia and the story itself.

So far, the children have shown great resilience in Maths and have risen to the challenge of developing their understanding of place value involving larger numbers, up to 1,000,000 and also decimals.  In the next few weeks, we are also looking forward to building on their calculation skills with this wider range of numbers.

At the beginning of October, 79 intrepid Elson Explorers spent three fun-packed days at Stubbington Study Centre and they have been talking about it ever since!  Over the course of the visit, we learnt lots about the local wildlife (both in the woodland and on the beach) and about conservation.  We also learnt a multitude of valuable life skills, including independence, resilience and team work.  We were well fed and watered (three hot meals per day) by the centre staff and returned home tired, but full of wonderful childhood memories to share with our families.  Those remaining at school also had a fun-packed week.  They worked amazingly as a team to produce some individually-printed t-shirts, some tasty cupcakes and also joined in with some environmental learning of their own about butterflies.  Both groups of children were keen to share their experiences when they were reunited the following week.

Since our return, learning in class has continued at a fair pace.  We have continued to learn about the lifecycles of living things and have been studying cityscapes in art.  We have learnt how to create depth in our sketching using one and two-point perspective and will be using these skills to created sketches of Gosport and Portsmouth in charcoal and chalk.

In our literacy work, we have begun a unit about Pokemon which will lead to some explanatory writing.

Parents are invited to come and see some of our work during our curriculum meeting in November.