Year 2

Week Beginning 19th July 2021

Transition activity 5

Soon you will be receiving something in the post which has your last activity on!

As it is the Summer holidays soon, we would like you to collect some items that show us what you got up to in the holidays. Collect your items in a bag that you can bring in on your first day in September. Possible items that could be collected are:

– Tickets to a place you visited

– Photographs of you doing something (even laying in your garden!)

– An item that reminds you of the places you visited

Even if you spend days watching movies, in your bag you could write on a piece of paper what movies you watched and which movies were your favourites!

We hope you have a wonderful Summer and have fun collecting items to remember it!

From the Year 3 Teachers

Week Beginning 5th July 2021

Transition activities 3 and 4

This week your new teachers have recorded themselves reading one of their favourite stories for you. Click the links below to listen to the stories. Enjoy!

Miss Simpson’s Story

Miss Young’s Story

Miss Strong’s Story

This week, some of the Year 3 children are presenting to you about life at Elson Juniors. We have put the PowerPoint below so you can have a look if you weren’t there or you are joining us from another infant school. If you have any questions you would like to ask, please email us at 

All About Elson

Week Beginning 28th June 2021

Transition activity 2

 Hello year 2! We hope you have enjoyed receiving a postcard from one of our year 3 children and that you are looking forward to learning about some of our topics. 

This week, you will find out who your teacher(s) will be for year 3 by receiving a letter from your new teacher. We hope you enjoy finding out who you will be spending the year with.

Check this website page for a story being read by your new teacher very soon! We’d love to know what your favourite stories are, ready for reading in year 3. 

As part of your transition activities this week, we’d like you to think of 2 or 3 questions that you would like to ask about junior school and we will ask some of our year 3 children to answer them for you. You can ask your grown ups to email in your questions or you can write them down and drop them into us at our school office. We’d love to answer any questions you have. 

Bye for now!

Week Beginning 7th June 2021

Transition activity 1

Hello year 2’s! Welcome to our website, where you can find lots of information about our school. We are really looking forward to you joining us next year so we would like to start getting to know you in preparation for this.

Each week, we will post an activity on this website for you to complete in order for us to get to know you better. Don’t worry, we will post a reminder on our social media pages to remind you so make sure you give those a follow!

This week, we would like you to create a fact page about yourself. You can write or draw pictures telling us some information all about you. Below, you can find a template if you’d like to use it or you can create your own!

When you complete this activity, we would love for you to send them to us by either dropping it into our school office or sending it to our email .

We can’t wait to find out all about you and soon, your teachers will be able to send one about themselves to you!

Have fun!

Year 3 Teachers.

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