Sports Reports

Results for Sporting Events will be updated on the website half-termly.  We wish all our sports teams every success in the 2017/18 Academic Year. 


Gosport Football Cup

Congratulations to our football team who recently won the Gosport Football Cup.  It was a nail-biting match, with goals at both ends.  Lucas put in a fantastic captain's performance, whilst Rhys save a last minute penalty that grabbed the victory for Elson.  The team thoroughly deserved this win after such a hard season.  It was a great way to finish most of their Elson Junior School footballing careers.  Well done!

Gosport Schools' League:

St Mary's v Elson A Win 1-2 Man of the Match: Ben Lloyd
Lee on Solent v Elson A Win 0 - 2 Man of the Match: Rhys Hoyland
Alverstoke v Elson B Loss 2 - 0 Man of the Match: Jayden Holgate and Alfie Haines
Alverstoke v Elson A Draw 0 - 0 Man of the Match: Toby Proud and Finley Ellis
Elson v Newtown Win 6 - 0 Man of the Match: Lucas Evans
Woodcot v Elson Win 1 - 5 Man of the Match: Jack Bagnall
Elson A v St John's Win 10-0 Man of the Match: Finley Ellis
Elson B v St John's Win 7-0 Man of the Match: Jayden Holgate
Elson A v Haselworth Win 1-0  
Alver Valley v Elson A Win 0-8 Man of the Match: Henry Searle
Elson A v Grange Win 1-0 Man of the Match: Finley Ellis and Toby Proud
Elson B v Grange Win 4-0 Man of the Match: Max Lanzon and Harry Butler
Semi Final: Elson A v Grange Win 4-0  

Year 5/6 Football League Tournament:

Children from across years 5 and 6 took part in the football league cup tournament on 19th January at Play Football in Portsmouth.  This was a really exciting tournament as it was a completely different way of playing.  The boys were allowed to use the sides to rebound the balls off of, there was also no out-of-bounds, so play was continuous.  Within our group, we won 3, lost 2 and drew 1 match.  The boys represented the school well and played amazingly.

Girls' Football Tournament:

The girls were back in action on Wednesday 29th November at a football tournament.  This is the first ever girls' football tournament we have entered!  The girls did an amazing job and got better and better with each match.  In the last two matches they scored an impressive 7 goals and were placed an outstanding 3rd place.  Well done girls.

Girls' Football Festival:

On Wednesday 15th November, 10 girls from across years 5 and 6 took part in a girls' football festival at the Bridgemary 3G pitch.  The girls were taught to pass and control the ball, played a variety of training matches and even played football darts.  All the skills they have learned will be used at the football tournament in 2 weeks.  The girls played very well and seemed to enjoy the day.

Hampshire Cup:

On Wednesday 20th September, our Year 6 football team took part in the first round of the cup, competing against teams from all over Gosport.  It was a fantastic tournament and the boys performed well earning them first place and a place in the next round of the Hampshire cup.

On Friday 6th October, our Year 6 team went to play the Hampshire Cup Tournament in Eastleigh.  They were up against the best players from across Hampshire and, once again, they did not disappoint.  They represented the school remarkably well and their commitment and work rate was amazing.  Across the afternoon the team played 9 matches, winning 5, losing 2 and drawing 1.  As a team, we were placed 3rd, which is an incredible achievement.  Man of the match was Lucas Evans.


12 children chosen from year 3 and 4 took part in our annual indoor athletics tournament.  The children completely amazed me by showing great sporting ability and team spirit.  Sportshall Athletics is an indoor form of track and field athletics for children between the ages of 4 and 16.  One milliion youngsters compete in the schools' framework based on fitness and multi-skills development, encouraging yongsters to become involved in athletics.  It has always promoted friendship and competition whilst also having fun.  The team was incredible and won the event. 


1st Elson Junior School: 130 points

2nd St Mary's: 88 points

3rd St John's: 70 points

On 7th February 2018, 12 children from across years 5 and 6 took part in our annual upper school Sportshall event.  This is a highly competitive event where the winners gain entry to the county finals later on in the year; the winning school then represent Gosport in the Hampshire Games.  Our children showed amazing athletic talent and own many of the events.  Due to their determination and sporting ability, we won the event.  Our team captain, Holly Eachus, collected the trophy.  The children were so proud of themselves, as were all the staff when they returned to school.  Well done and good luck at the Hampshire finals.


1st Elson Junior School: 180 points

2nd St John's: 156 points

3rd St Mary's B team: 70 points


Well done to all children, who before half term took part in the netball trials; an incredible 39 children turned up to win one of the 16 places on the team.  The team will now represent Elson Junior School at various matches throughout the year.

Our netball team have now started their season with a great win.  They played an away match at the Alver Valley Federation.  It was an exciting game with many shots taken.  The final score was Alver Valley 1, Elson 6.  What a great way to start the 2018 season.  Player of the match went to Olivia Waterman.

Our netball season is still going strongly; the team have played three matches and have won them all!  It was a tough game against Alverstoke Junior School, but the team's determination really showed and they worked together to get a last minute goal to win the game.  It has been lovely to see all the parents and grandparents supporting the team, who have improved massively and are becoming really good players.

10th May 2018 Gomer v Elson: 1-6   Player of the Match: Lucy Hyndman

17th May 2018 Alverstoke v Elson: 4-5   Player of the Match: Callum Highland

22nd May 2018 Lee on Solent v Elson: 0-8   Player of the Match: Hallie Twiss-Savage