Elson Heroes / Service Club

Elson Heroes Service Club is for all children who have serving and veteran parents from any of the Armed Forces. We meet every Tuesday lunchtime for activities and games.

We have a project with local veterans’ charity The Firstlight Trust. We bring children and veterans together  to participate in activities and build friendships. The project has proved a powerful way to raise the self-esteem and well-being of all involved.

We are fortunate to have strong links with HMS Collingwood who support through a variety of activities and visits throughout the year.

Please contact Mrs Hull if you have any questions.


 Lockdown Jan 2021

For those of you who are keeping safe at home over this time Mrs Hull will be posting a weekly activity here for you. She has also made a Lockdown journal for you to complete – if you need a paper copy please contact her and you can collect a copy from school or she can arrange a delivery to you. Please look out for emails and text messages from Mrs Hull and feel free to contact her at any time.


Lockdown activity this week


 Lockdown Journal


October 2020


Our Elson Heroes were able to meet virtually with some of the veterans from Firstlight Trust recently.  They all enjoyed some pumpkin carving.  It was lovely to be (almost) back together again!


first light pumpkins1

firstlight pumpkins2