Mental Health and Wellbeing


Looking after our mental health and well-being is vitally important to help us live happy and fulfilling lives. The current situation can put extra stress on our mental health and has highlighted the importance of looking after the mental health of ourselves and our children.

Many of the ways to improve are mental health are simple:

Talk to people about how you are feeling.

Give yourself goals and treats.

Be kind to yourself - make time for something you enjoy every day. Even if just a quiet hot drink, some knitting, reading or a walk.

Use strategies to calm when feeling stressed.

If you have any concerns or need some support for yourself or your children please contact Mrs Hull:

mobile: 07572 483197


The 5 Pillars of Well-Being

By making sure we fulfill some of these every day we can maintain a good state of well-being.

*Connect with others

* Be Active.

* Take notice (gratitude)

* Keep learning.

* Giving. 


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