Year 6

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SUMMER 2 2017

Following their visit to Fort Brockhurst, the children's spooky stories have turned out brilliantly; they were truly creepy and scary to read!  The children have also been working on their Leavers' Assebmly, where they will perform a production called 'How to Dispose of Your Deputy Headteacher', written by Mr Gubbs.  In line with the spy/detective theme, the children are currently designing and creating spy cars with electrical circuits which they will be able to take home at the end of the year.

SUMMER 1 2017

The children in Year 6 have been working really hard this term due to the SATs tests and to their credit, they settled down brillliantly to a week of gruelling question papers, tackling them in a very mature way.  You can be sure that all of the children have tried their very best - so well done to them all!  The children seemed to enjoy coming into school a little earlier during that week to enjoy some toast and a chat with their friends.

The highlight of this half term for them was being taken to Fort Brockhurst, where they were taken ito 'The Keep' which was opened up specifically for the children.  The teachers treated them to a creepy experience down in the dungeons, in preparation for their spooky story writing.

Next half term begins the preparation for their leavers' production which they are all looking forward to.

SPRING 2 2017

During STEM week, Year 6 were fortunate to have visitors from the Royal Navy who provided a Virtual Reality (VR) experience.    Children were able to take part in a 3D presentationof what the new Navy ships are going to look like.  They were able to have a look around the control room and other areas of the ship.   The children really enjoyed this experience.

The children in Year 6 also enjoyed a visit form the Royal Navy, where Lt Taylor brought in a gas turbine so that the children could design, make and test propellers in the machine.  They had a day learning about this and spent a week writing an explanation text about effective propeller designs and how the gas turbine works.

The children have worked really hard doing mock SAT tests so that they can establish what the process feels like and for the teachers to refine arrangements and support for the children, ready for the real tests in May.

SPRING 1 2017

In Year 6 we have had a wonderful start to the spring term and our Amazing Amazon topic with our trip to the Living Rainforest.  The children learnt about the importance of sustainable living for the future of the planet.  They loved seeing the animals and plants of the rainforest and were fascinated to learn all about how the plants, humans and other animals rely on each other for survival.  We all managed to see the sloth, which was moving around high up in the foliage and licking the leaves!

In topic lessons, the children are building on their knowledge; collecting more information about why rainforests are globally important.  They will soon be writing persuasive speeches to deliver to another year group, explaining why we should protect the rainforests.

Families will receive a letter from their child trying to persuade them to be more sustainable in their lifestyles and do their part in preserving the precious resources.  We are also currently working on a writing collection about the rainforests which the children will present in their topic books in a scrapbook style.

Y6 Spring Curriculum poster 2017


AUTUMN 2 2016

The children in Year 6 are currently learning about the Ancient Greeks and the wonderful myths that they told.  By the end of the term, they will have made Greek style pots or vases by combining a 'pinch pot' technique with clay coiling, which should be fun.  In maths, they have been learning how to calculate equivalent fractions and they hav now moved on to converting and ordering decimal fractions, fractions and percentages.

We are looking forrward to the rainforest topic in the New Year and our visit to the Living Rainforest.


AUTUMN 1 2016

Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the year experiencing the challenging activities of wall climbing, archery and assault courses, to name but a few, either at Osmington Bay or at the Peter Ashley Centre in Fort Purbrook.  These activities have given the children more confidence to believe in themselves and, hopefully, this should help them to be more resilient in their learning at school.   They have started the term learning literacy and art around the theme of 'The BFG' and will soon be moving on to our 'Superheroes' theme for hte last three weeks of this term.

Curriculum poster for parents Year 6 V2