Year 4


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The Class Assemblies for Year 4 will be held on the following dates:
Base 4  Wednesday 14th March 2018
Base 5  Wednesday 28th March 2018
Base 6  Wednesday 25th April 2018
AUTUMN 2 2017
Year 4 have been 'getting creative' with their writing over the last few weeks.  They have been learning how to make their writing more interesting using fronted adverbial phrases, similes, alliteration and detailed description.  using the Mousehole Cat as our stimulus, the children have been retelling the story.  We are really proud of their efforts.
In maths we have been solving problems based around measure.  We have looked at length, money and time.
Over the Christmas holidays, we'd really appreciate you looking at 'time' with your children.  This could e actually telling the time or looking at timetables, calendars, TV schedules, 12 and 24 hour digital clocks.  By the end of Year 4, children are expected to be able to tell the time to the nearest minute and work out intervals of time i.e. how long it takes to do something.  It would be enormously helpful to consolidate some of the work the class have been doing in class as well as being an essential life skill.
 Curriculum poster for parents Year 4 Autumn 2
AUTUMN 1 2017
Year 4 have had a brilliant start to the new academic year and have settled back into school well.  Our dragon topic has got off to a flying start.  Last week we had reports of dragon activity in our wooded area, so we went on a dragon hunt to see what evidence we coud uncover.  The children had a great time and really used their imaginations.  We wrote to the Natural History Museum to tell them of our findings.  Since then, we have been thinking about what our own dragons might look like and thoroughly enjoying our class book, 'How to Train Your Dragon'.  Over the next couple of weeks we will be writing our own adventure stories about our own dragons.
In History, we are learning about the Vikings and have already found out a lot about their lifestyle after dissecting some Viking poo!  At the beginning of October there was a Viking Invasion in Year 4!  Hrothgar the Viking taught us what life was really like during Viking times.  The children had a brilliant time dressed up in their costumes and really enjoyed joining in with all the activities.
The children have been working really hard in maths, focusing on problems around multiplication and division.  We are concentrating on our thinking and reasoning skills to deepen our understanding.  We have been learning how to use arrays, bar models and number lines to help us explain how we solved our problems.
In science, we have been investigating the water cycle as part of our learning on solids, liquids and gases.
In literacy, we are creating our very own information book about our own imaginary dragons.  We have been looking at other non-fiction books to help us with our writing.  We are learning to use conjunctions to make our sentences more interesting.