Year 4

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SUMMER 2 2017
Year 4 have had a busy few weeks, the children and adults continue to be fully immersed and engaged in our Ancient Egyptian topic and we are all learning lots.  We will continue learning about the Ancient Egyptians until the end of term as we still have lots of things to explore in this fascinating topic.  We are designing and making our own Egyptian death masks and other projects will see us learning about canopic jars and even having a go at making our own ones.
The children all had a fantasitc time at Paultons Park and they learnt lots about forces and pulleys, which we hope they are going to be able to put into practise for a special STEM week planned for the end of term.
SUMMER 1 2017
Wow! What a busy half term we have had in Year 4.  The children have been learning all about the ancient Egyptians and have been fully immersed in the topic.  We started our Egyptian journey with a visit from Professor Papyrus, who carried out a live mummification.  During this gory, but fascinating, demonstration the children leanrt all about the mummification process, got the chance to mummify their own tomato and create their own 'Tomatokhamun'!
More recently, a mystery suitcase arrived in school and the children had to be Egyptian investigators to try and owrk out who the suitcase belonged to.  After examining the items in the suitcase, the children soon worked out that it belonged ot the famous archaeologist Howard Carter who, in 1922, discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun.  Since this amazing discovery, the children have been writing diariies as it they were Howard Carter, recounting the events that led up to this incredible find.
In the coming weeks, we are going to be creating ancient Egyptian artefacts.  We are planning to open our very own Elson Junior School museum to show off this amazing collection and would love you all to be able to visit.  A letter detailing when this will happen will be out early next term.
SPRING 2 2017
Year 4 have been enjoying our James and the Giant Peach topic since returning back to school after half term.  They have been exploring their relationship between James and his Aunts and have been mastering the skill of using speech in their writing.  During guided reading, the whole class have been reading James and the Giant Peach and have been looking at all of the language that Roald Dahl uses to describe how the peach grows.  The children have also been set the task of creating their own James and the Giant Peach guided reading scrapbook.  We are really looking forward to seeing the outcome of this. 
In maths we have been learning all about measurement and, in particular, area and perimeter.  The children have enjoyed the problems that they have had to solve and have made real progress in this topic.
During STEM week all of the children have been set the challenge of designing and making their own parachute.  This parachute has to be good enough to be able to carry James and the Giant Peach safely from the sky to the ground in New York City!  Fingers crossed the peaches land safely!
Children have been continuing to practise their song in preparation for the Lower School prodcution of 'The Lion King'.  Year 4 children have been allocated their parts and we are really excited to present this performance to you in the Summer term.
As we approach the end of the Spring term, it is a great opportunity to look back at all of the exciting learning opportunities that the children have had over the past few weeks.  Our STEM week was really successful, so much so that we decided to carry it on for another week.  The children all had the chance to test a parachute prototype and then to edit and impove it for their final design.  The children tested their parachutes with eggs and unfortunately, out of 30 eggs dropped, only one survived.  We all enjoyed the chance to evaluate our designs and we came to the conclusion that we had all had an 'eggcellent' time!
In literacy lessons, inventive characters have been created and exciting settings have been drawn.  We are really excited to see the outcomes at the end of the this term and hope tha the children will enjoy their roles of being amazing authors.
During maths lessons we have been exploring geometry and the children have enjoyed learning all about geometric shapes.  They have been learning about the different properties and angles that these shapes have.
Next term we are really excited to be starting our Egyptian topic. We have lots of exciting hooks and learning opportunities planned for the children and we cannot wait to tell you all about them in the Summer term.
SPRING 1 2017
The Year 4 children have made a great start to 2017.  We have started our learning journey into 'The World of Food'.  The children and adults all had the opportunity to do some food tasting to kick start our topc and their taste buds.  The children will be exploring the world of food, creating their own worlds and writing their own holiday brochure which will hopefully persuade you to visit. 
In Literacy, we have been using persuasiv techniques, such as rhetorical questions and alliteration, to persuade the reader to come on any amazing holiday to our island.
In Maths we have been learning all about fractions.  The children have shown great resilience in this topic and have all made progress towards mastering fractions.  We are now going to start our measurement topic.
In Art we have been designing our own Islands.  We have used a mixture of colouring and collage to create islands made of foods, making sure there are at least three actviities for people to do.  Some of these included candy cloud tours, strawberry lace zip lines and stilton houses!  The children have really used their imaginations!
We are excited to announce that we will be performing 'The Lion King' and there will be a role for every member of Year 4.  A letter will be sent home soon detailing all of the information you require including times and dates of performances.  The lower school corridors are currently filled with Lion King songs.  We have been working very hard to learn the lyrics in time for the production.  The children have show great enthusiasm for the production and cannot wait to show you what they have been learning!
Y4 Spring 2 curriculum poster
AUTUMN 2 2016
In Year 4 we have made an excellent start to our 'Let there be light' topic.  We started the term with an immersive Star Wars day.  It was great to see all of the children and adults dressed up as Jedi and Sith Lords and Ladies.  Thank you so much for all your efforts in helping the children with their costumes.  We really appreciate your hard work and all of the children looked out of this galaxy.
Since half term, the children have been learning all about imaginary worlds.  In Art they have created their own world and in English they have been working towards a writing a description of their own world.  We have been helping children to use their imagination and have been teaching them all the skills they will need so that they will be successful with their learning.  We are all really excited to see and read the final outcomes.
We will be continuing our 'Let there be light' topic for the rest of this term, but we will move away from Star Wars and will be starting a new learning journey all about 'The Mousehole Cat.  More news on this soon!
AUTUMN 1 2016
The children and adults in Year 4 have made an amazing start to the new academic year and have settled brilliantly.  They spent the first week learning all about 'mindsets' and discovering what it means to be a good learner and how by just changing your mindset you have the potential to learn even more!
The children discovered a dragon's egg on the school grounds and as a result the National History Museum in London has been in contact with us asking to carry out lots of research.  More news on this amazing discovery soon.
Our Viking topic has been a real hit and we were so lucky to be visited by Hrothgar the Viking this week.  He started the day by raiding our classrooms checking for 'Scaredy Saxons' and taught us all about his Viking way of life.  We are looking forward to learning more about the Vikings over the next few weeks.
Curriculum poster for parents Year 4 1