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We will be taking part in the 'Big Pedal' again this year.  This is an initiative to encourage people to cycle more and avoid using cars and other forms of transport.  

Year 5 will be taking part in Bikeability during this time, so will be cycling to school, but we would also like to invite all pupils to cycle to school on Friday 4th May.  There will be designated areas for children to park their bikes in the morning, which will be clearly signposted on the day.  It would be wonderful to see lots of children (and parents) enjoying a bike ride to school on this day.


There will be a bake to bike sale on the playground after school on Thursday 29th March.  All money raised will go towards a new cycle storage shed.


We hope that the information provided on this page improves your child's journey to school.


How could you travel to school














How could you travel to school booklet


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Journey Planner

Safer School Run Video

Parkwise Promise Website

Parkwise Leaflet                           


 Journey to School with Susie the childminder                                       










Journey to School with Susie the childminder 


You may also find the maps below useful:

The average time it takes to walk from home to school within our catchment area

Map showing walk to school times

Shortcuts on the walk-to-school route that may reduce your walking journey time

Map showing walking shortcuts



Elson Junior School have registered for the The Big Pedal and are working closely with Sustrans on this.

We had a successful day on Friday 31st March 2017 for our BikeIt BIG PEDAL day, with over 50 scooters and cycles in school.  BikeIt Ray did a safety check on children's bicycles for them.  We are planning a Bike Doctor day in the summer term, please look out for further details.

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